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David has bought and sold many properities over the last ten years. He loves taking on new projects and renovating / decorating them himself! He’s quite handy with a screwdriver and a drill! His current portfolio includes properties in London, Brighton, Spain and Los Angeles.


David’s first business was a mobile disco which he founded in 1982. He built it up to be a 35 foot roadshow and now owns over 1000 seven inch singles not to mention LP’s and twelve inch vinyls! He has an incredibly comprehensive decks  collection ranging from 1982-1993. He can still be persuaded to take the Travelling at parties and loves everything from 80′s iconic songs to high energy dance……


David loves travelling and has been fortunate to work and live in a number of countries. He was a flying doctor in Australia, lives part time in Spain and in the US and has travelled extensively in Europe and further afield.


It’s no surprise to hear that David loves theatre. He tries to go as much as possible, has performed in many amateur productions and directed the Medical School revue. He keeps threatening to do panto!!


A true taurean, David loves eating out and hosting dinner parties. A stickler for detail, his friends joke that it takes him three days to prepare, cook and perfect!


Always active, David runs regularly, has completed four marathons and goes to the gym frequently. He is also a keen tennis player, loves skiing and waterskiing. But he’s scared of heights so don’t expect to see him paragliding!


David is passionate about removing injustice. He has campaigned to clean up dirty hospitals, to provide quality care for elderly people in hospital, to implement new-born screening for the life-threatening condition Cystic Fibrosis and continues to campaign to improve sexual health in Britain. He is also passionate about getting young people involved in the political process and getting them out to vote.


In 2000 David founded IncrediBull, a strategic brand communications company which specialises in Public Relations, Event Management and Digital Media. In 2010 IncrediBull Entertainment was founded to conceive, and develop short and long-form television shows with global reach. David sold his interest in the business in 2014 to concentrate on his TV career worldwide.


David is also a huge supporter of a number of charities, notably the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the FPA, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and The British Red Cross.


He has also written two internationally acclaimed books and has regular magazine and newspaper columns in the UK.


David lives in Los Angeles, California and London, England.